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What is Cyclocampus ?

mardi 22 octobre 2013

CycloCampus is an organization which was created in July 2011. The main objective is to promote cycling as a mode of transport for users of the campus of Bethune.
To make that possible, the organization can perform on several levels :

  • Creating and managing a bike shop
  • Selling second-hand bicycles to students
  • Setting up bicycle parking and bicycle facilities on the campus

Members of the organization can :

  • Visit the workshop during opening hours and receive advice from regular customers
  • Use tools to repair their bike
  • Participate in training that is held on specific issues (eg. Braking, transmission wheel, etc.).
  • Join repairing bicycle which will be sold to students.

To contact us and find our workshop : click here.
The workshop is open every day (from monday to friday) from 12.30 to 13.30.